Trumped Nation

What it is is up to You!

Hello New World DisOrder

You are Here Now

Nov. 9, 2016   We’ve been trumped!   We the little people of the USA in order to form a more perfect union — voted. Well, approximately 25% of us selected Donald Trump as POTUS, while 46% of us didn’t vote.  Elections matter even when we have a broken System.  If you don’t vote, you vote for the one who wins.

We have entered into the New World DisOrder where a reality TV show host wins an election, not by popular vote as of this writing, but because of an antiquated system called the Electoral College.  The popular vote as of this writing still favors Hillary Clinton. However, there may be other factors at play.

Neo Liberal Thomas Friedman called Trump “an invasive species” who tapped into a disoriented public.  “We’re in an age of acceleration. …..Change has come too fast” for people.”It was 80% about race, and the other 20% was about race. . . . There are other people who are genuinely un-moored.” Whether you believe that this feeling caused the shift in our Nation towards Trump, there are millions of people who bought the message Trump trumpeted so loudly through his amazing access to the mainstream media with millions of dollars of free advertising. The “Backlash” voted — after being baited by “the game is rigged against you.”  Yes, it is, but what is the solution?

More telling is that Trump is appointing lobbyists from oil and gas industry have as transitional heads of energy, a climate change denier in charge of transitional EPA. Check out who he is surrounding himself with: corporate lobbyists and Washington insiders — the very people he said he disdained during his campaign. (Consultants and lobbyists from Altria, Visa, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Verizon, HSBC, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, and Duke Energy to name a few more) Get the picture? We the little people have been hoodwinked, from the primaries through Election Day 2016.

You, one of the little people, what can you do? Maybe it’s time to work your ass off for electoral change — and for the issues you care deeply about.







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