Exit Polls


Dr. Jonathan Simon has found that four states (and perhaps five) show shifts between the UEP and the UMV that were enough to FLIP those states from Hillary to Trump. And thereby flip the election. Those states are:

North Carolina: UEP 2.1% Clinton;
UMV 3.8% Trump

Pennsylvania: UEP 4.4% Clinton;
UMV 1.2% Trump

Wisconsin: UEP 3.9% Clinton;
UMV 1.0% Trump

Florida: UEP 1.3% Clinton;
UMV 1.3% Trump

The fifth state, Ohio, showed a dead heat in the exit poll (0.1% Trump) with an unverified machine “reported” vote giving Trump the state by a whopping 8.6%.

What do these five states have in common?

They are all battleground states that use either completely unverifiable voting systems or do not rigorously or routinely conduct a thorough verification.